Inviting a´MIR´able friends Cosmonauts 1981-95

Romanenko and cuban Tamayo Mendez
Dzanibekov and Mongolia´s Gurragcha
czech V.Remek was the first guest cosmonaut
Crétièn the first french, Gurragcha first mongolian
Three veterans Malyshev, Popov and
Kizim, commanding several missions
Soyuz 35 and 36 visited Mir 1980
Popov,Ryumin,Kubasov and Farkas
Malyshev and Aksenov flew the first Soyuz T (T-2)
Popov and Romanian Prunariu flew last Soyuz (40)
Kovalyenok and Savinykh of Soyuz T-4
and Berezovoy and Lebedev of Soyuz T-5
Siegmund Jähn of DDR became the first
german in space when joining Bykovsky
polish cosmonaut Hermanszewski flew on
Soyuz 30 and bulgarian Ivanov on Soyuz 33
the "Third World" cosmonauts Sharma
of India and Tamayo Mendez of Cuba
hungarian Bertalan Farkas and romanian
Dimitru Prunariu flew in the early 80´s
first cuban and "Third World" cosmonaut
Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez typing a letter
first indian in space Rakesh Sharma
handwriting an amirable letter
Soyuz T-11 with Indian Sharma and
Soyuz T-12 with Savitskaya in 1984
Gretchko, Volkov and Vasiutin of T-14
and Romanenko and Laveikin of TM-2
Crews of Soyuz TM-11, 12 and 13 orbiting
guests from Japan, the UK and Austria
Volkov, Atkov, Alexandrov and Vasiutin
was "space active" in the mid 80´s
Serebrov, Savinnykh, Strekalov and
Berezovoy all went with the new T-model
Vladimir Solovyov, Vladimir Titov and Volk
also made their first flights with the T-model
Titov and Musarov of incomplete TM-4
and Lyakhov and Polyakov of TM-6
Romanenko, Alexandrov, Levchenko
(died shortly after flight) and Laveikin
Krikalev was trapped on MIR during the USSR
breakdown; here with A.Solovyev and Laveikin
Soyuz T-9 and 10 crews Lyakhov
Alexandrov, Kizim, Solovyev and Atkov
Afanasiev, Usachov, Polyakov, Malenchenko and
Musabayev all visited MIR in 1994
First Brit in space Helen Sharman !
and Franz Viehböck the first Austrian
Balantin, Viktorenko, Klaus-Dietrich Flade
from Germany and scarce syrian Mohammed Faris
Aybakirov, Malenchenkov
Kaleri and Usachev
Zibliev of Soyuz TM-17, Afanasiev
of TM-11 and Artsebarsky of TM-12
French "spationauts" Tognini
and Haignère followed Chrétièn
Yuri Usachev
rookie on the Soyuz TM-18
Talgat Musabayev
first flying with Soyuz TM-19


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